Our grocery procurement works efficiently with more than 1,600 suppliers. The hundred largest suppliers account for approximately 80% of our procurement. We collaborate in purchasing with associated companies in Finland and abroad.

International purchasing co-operation:

United Nordic Inc.
A Nordic joint purchasing organisation.
Tuko Logistics owns 25% of the company.

A European joint purchasing organisation.
Tuko Logistics owns 3.5% of EMD.


Associated companies in Finland:

Finnfrost Oy
A procurement, storage and distribution company for frozen products. Tuko Logistics owns 50% of the company.

Transbox Oy
A leasing company for plastic transport and display boxes. Tuko Logistics owns 10% of the company.

Suomen Palautuspakkaus Oy
A collection and recycling company for aluminium cans. Tuko Logistics owns 12.5% of the company.