If your company is not yet a supplier to Tuko Logistics Cooperative and you believe that you meet the requirements, please contact the category manager responsible for the product group in question. This should be done in good time before the deadline for providing the assortment period information. Call Tuko switchboard, +358 (0)20 77 111, for contact information.

The category manager evaluates the possibilities for co-operation and contacts the chains. If we find your supply interesting, actual co-operation is initiated by drafting a term of purchase agreement. We agree on practical details related to orders, deliveries, invoicing, etc.

Products provided in each assortment period and changes to assortments are discussed with representatives from the chains at assortment meetings led by Tuko’s category manager. The assembly of warehousing and cross-docking assortments for the upcoming period is specified at these meetings. After the meetings, confirmations are sent to suppliers, describing chain-specific assortments at product level.

In order for products to be included in the handling of the assortment period, product information must be established in the Synkka product information bank and price lists delivered to Tuko’s category manager by the product group-specific deadline.